Gillespie Avionics

Sector: Engineering, Software Development

Joined Colab: 2016?


Phone: +353 74 911 6054


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Embedded Systems Solutions for Aviation

Founded in 2007, Gillespie Avionics is passionate about helping clients bring their embedded products to market. Our success comes from giving our clients the competitive edge to win in their market with our software and hardware development expertise. We relish developing embedded systems solutions for clients ranging from small technology companies to global corporations.

We have specialist knowledge in the area of electronic paper display technology, which provides a paper-like reading experience, and have developed prototype products aimed at the aviation community. We are currently developing an innovative fuel sensing system for aircraft.

As a small company, we are able to meet our customer’s expectations in the shortest possible timeframe facilitated by our internal quality-orientated processes.

Our services range from initial project scoping to small-scale prototype builds and include:

  • electronic product development
  • user-interface development
  • embedded hardware & software
  • electronic-paper display technology
  • safety-critical development processes

We also collaborate with selected industrial designers and manufacturing firms to provide our clients with high quality mechanical components.