Branded Cups

Sector: Ecommerce


Branded reusable cups

Branded Cups Europe was started by Peter in April 2019 and immediately achieved recognition as an IBYE (Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur) finalist in May 2019.

The company is a Letterkenny based, small but rapidly growing Irish start-up, selling branded reusable festival cups and coffee cups.

We brand cups in any way the customer likes, such as event information, marketing and personal designs.

Our brand is being recognised as one of the most affordable and efficient cup branding services, with a strong focus on total customer satisfaction.

We cater for huge events in sell out arenas and stadiums, as well as small businesses, weddings and parties, with orders ranging from 100,000+ to as small as 30 cups.

Branded Cups Europe have already saved our landfill sites and oceans from over 1 million disposable cups! This figure continues to rise daily and we also promote green products, recycling and sustainability as much as possible.