Sector: Software Development


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Sales prospecting and lead generation

Motarme provides sales prospecting and lead generation services to Business-to-Business technology companies. We automate those services using our own in-house software.

We setup the company in 2011 and won CSF funding in 2013, launching the first version of our software system in 2015.

We sell to B2B technology and services companies – mostly software companies – both locally and in the UK EU and US.]

Our unique selling proposition is that we can help early-stage and mid-size firms use Account Based Marketing (ABM) to generate better quality sales leads faster. ABM is a new approach where you hyper-target selected ‘accounts’ (potential customers) using multiple tools – email, social media, online ads, direct mail and telephone – all at the same time, using a coordinated message specific to each potential customer. Until now ABM has only been available to very large enterprises with massive budgets.

The inspiration for the business was from our experience at other enterprise software firms, where we learned how to use technology to market and sell high-value complex software systems. We spent the first couple of years at Motarme building a prototype and confirming that there was demand at other software and technology firms too, before launching the first version of our system.

What are you most proud of?

Seeing our web-based system go live for the first time was great – to go from an idea on paper to functioning software.

On a day-to-day basis the thing we are proudest of is the impact we have for our customers. For example, in a few cases we have helped generate the biggest sale ever achieved by a client and in other cases we’ve helped them successfully target new sectors or new countries.

Michael learned how to speak Spanish (badly) while living for a year in Medellin, Colombia. He is now learning to row with City of Derry Boating Club.

Aspirations for the company

We want to be the leading provider of Account Based Marketing solutions to mid-size technology companies We want to build a growing, scalable business here in the North West that delivers high value to our customers by using innovative technology and services.