Sector: Software Development

Joined Colab: 2022

Website: https://zinkworks.com/

Email: info@zinkworks.com

“The key to our success is our people. We build an environment where people can grow and be at their best. Instead of asking people to commute to us or asking them to work from home all the time, we’re bringing our office to where our people are. We’re delighted to be in Letterkenny and look forward our future here.”

Aileen Cramer, COO of Zinkworks

Telecoms & Financial Services Research & Development company

Founded in 2018, Zinkworks is a software development company who work primarily in the Financial and Telecommunication sector.

Working with the latest developments in these areas, Zinkworks aim to help grow and progress the sectors they work in.

With its headquarters in Athlone, Co Westmeath Zinkworks has established a hub in CoLab on the ATU Donegal Campus providing software development services including 5G network consulting, 5G network deployment, telecommunications R&D, and ICT consultancy.

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